New Rules for the Military Family Relief Fund

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The Indiana Military Relief Fund is a pool of money issued by the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs in the form of emergency grants. Originally for Indiana National Guard and Selected Reserves, it was expanded in 2016 to include ALL national conflict or war time veterans, and their spouses and dependents) in the state with at least 1 year of active duty and an honorable discharge. The emergency grants may be used by the families for needs such as food, housing, utilities, medical services, transportation and other essential family support expenses which have become difficult to afford. Grants up to $2,500 may be awarded.

Applying for an emergency grant is pretty simple, but like any application for government services, make sure you follow the instructions, include all required supporting documents, and meet all the requirements.

If you feel that you need help through an emergency grant, first, visit the IDVA Military Family Relief Fund page and check that you meet the basic requirements. To apply, you need to download and fill out and application, Direct Deposit form and a W9. Then you can mail them in or fax them in the the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Remember, this is for emergency relief and spouses and dependents can apply if they have are related to a qualifying service member.

Hopefully you never need this, but if you do, it’s there for you.

Apply for the Military Family Relief Fund Grant

For more information, please contact:

Arianne Jimenez – ajimenez@dva.in.gov

LaTahsa Gray – lagray@dva.in.gov

Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs



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