Making Use of Your County Veteran Service Officer

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One of the most important resources you may not be aware of is your County Veteran Service Officer. The main purpose of the county VSO is to help you, the veteran, navigate the VA. These men and women are volunteers who attend training, gain accreditation and then accept appointment by their city/county government. They have specialized knowledge and experience about the entire VA process and can help you prepare a claim for submission.

Why should you make use of a County VSO? Let me draw a courtroom comparison: Most people wouldn’t try to represent themselves in front of a judge, especially for something that might affect them for the rest of their lives. The average citizen doesn’t understand the legal process well enough to mount their own defense. So, they hire a lawyer who understands all the motions, procedures, filing requirement, and who can study their specific situation, discover extenuating circumstances, craft a compelling case, and present it in a manner the judge expects. While most people wouldn’t stand in court without a lawyer, lots of veterans try to present their claim to the VA without assistance.

Your Veteran Service Officer is there so you don’t have to face the VA alone, and their services are free. They will make sure your application is complete, well documented and presented in the form required by the VA. They will learn the rules and regulations so that you don’t have to.

If you’re going to go to the VA, for any reason, you first stop should be your County Veteran Service Officer. To get started with a Veteran Service Officer,

Click your county on the Indiana Map found here

or download the County Service Officer Roster


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