How to land a career in the energy industry

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The energy industry in Indiana is losing 50% of their workforce over the next 10 years, AND THEY WANT TO HIRE GUARDSMEN!

Check out this video that is a walk through of a great website to help you:

Web resources to help:

The website in the video is troopstoenergyjobs.com.  In the video you’ll see some very helpful tools, like a converter that translates your MOS into equivalent jobs in the energy industry, along with job descriptions, salaries, etc.

For a listing of energy companies that are members of the Indiana Energy Association, go here. The IEA helped make this video possible and their members want to hire Guardsmen.

Also, you can call the Indiana National Guard Employment Team or the Employment Team of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs.

Made possible by NGAI Community Partner, the Indiana Energy Association.

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