Governor Pence Authorizes Personal Carry

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From Indiana National Guard News:

Indiana Governor issues executive order

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Gov. Michael R. Pence and Maj. Gen. Courtney Carr conducted a press conference Sunday, July 19 to discuss the new executive order allowing Indiana National Guard service members to carry their personal weapon during the duty day on state property.

“I think it is imperitive that we ensure that those who have stepped forward to defend our state and our nation have the ability to defend themselves”, said Pence. “They, and their families, make great sacrifices to serve our state and they deserve nothing less than our best effort to see to their safety and security.”

“The single most important thing to the Indiana National Guard, as we serve the nation and state, is the safety and security of our Soldiers and Airmen and their families. I’m extremely appreciative to Governor Pence’s quick action to allow us to increase the protection of our Soldiers and Airmen by signing the executive order allowing our Soldiers and Airmen to carry properly permitted personal weapons”, stated Carr.

The details of this new policy will soon be published.

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